Take over control of your company.

The best solutions in risk reduction, cost optimisation and Artificial Intelligence in your business

Why we do it

To make companies and organisations independent of individual suppliers' influence, introduce security and standardisation as key elements of development process and with science create unique competitive advantages

How we do it

Making application security a key element of development and maintenance processes (Secure SDLC)

Introducing standardisation in processes sizing of application creation and maintenance, corporate architecture and body-leasing.

Combining business with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)

What we do

  • We introduce measures of software development using COSMIC/Functional Points standards
  • We use Runtime Application Self-Protection (IMPERVA RASP) strategy in development and maintenance of business applications
  • We deploy advanced security and availability protection using IMPERVA Advanced BOT Protection
  • We diagnose and optimise systems/applications/platforms architectures from usability, usage, real costs perspectives
  • We create classification and prediction on-line models with adaptive adjustments following changing conditions and data (predicting product quality, demand, market segmentation, customer classification, optimisation of suppliers/strategies/processes)
  • We take over support and optimisation of IT systems and applications created by third party vendors - also in critical situations, lack of knowledge, documentation, source code on customer side.
  • We standardise planning and control of investment in infrastructure, development and maintenance
  • We verify human resources demand in context of applications in development and maintainance

Major benefits of TrustScore Customers


Optimisation of cost control, IT spendings reduction thru shortening secure software development cycle


Better strategic predictions, software matching business needs, highest cybersecurity standards and increase of critical applications availability


Effective planning and results monitoring, reduction of operational risks, business continuity and security


Competent team equipped with tools to collaborate with suppliers in a transparent and predictable way, focused on business aspects of applications and having skills of deep intelligent data analysis using AI/ML strategies.

Competence and experience

  • Cybersecurity architects and experts
  • Co-founders of Polish Association of Software Measurement (PSMO)
  • Technology experts including data warehouse, cloud computing and digital transformation
  • Enterprise architects (experienced in organisations with tens of thousands of users with budgets of hundreds of millions of PLN)
  • The number of projects (60+) with cumulative budgets (~1MLD PLN)
  • Experts and scientists resolving every day complex problems based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)
  • Contributors of National Corporate Architecture principles (Ministry of Digitisation)